04/18/2017ACD is undertaking our annual PCI audit to ensure that our clients' and their constituents' data remains safe and secure.   The purpose is threefold:  (1) to examine our current system, (2) to identify vulnerabilities, and (3) to prevent data from being compromised.  This process will begin with several preparatory actions, starting with our annual penetration testing. ACD Direct News
04/11/2017Mike Carpenter will be stepping into the position of Senior Account Manager.  Since joining ACD in 2013, Mike has become our Simple Pledge scripting expert and unofficial "Welcome Wagon" for new employees in the department.  Mike is excited to contribute to the success of the department and to further enhance the partnership among our clients.  ? Michelle Seiber will be our newest Account Manager.  She has been working as the ASPCA Subject Matter Expert for the past two years, which will make ACD Direct News
Merrill Moore
President and CEO

Providing leadership and direction to ACD Direct, Merrill forms the cornerstone of our company. He is an accomplished business professional that brings twenty five years plus of progressive experience in operating, owning and managing businesses.

Over the years, Merrill has been selected to lead companies through start-up, survival, turnaround and growth modes. He has experience in a variety of industries including automotive aftermarket, product returns, import and export goods and contact centers. His success in working for others prompted him to put his expertise to work for himself. Just prior to ACD Direct, he was a principal and Vice-President of Abacus Group, Inc., a multi-million dollar logistics company where he directed the sales management, logistics operations, strategic planning and business development.

Merrill's honest, open, direct style is refreshing and effective. He believes creating a solid, collaborative relationship with each client is key. His strong entrepreneurial and networking background brings a wealth of resources and connections to this partnership.

» Merrill Moore
» President and CEO

» Noah Rosales
» Chief Operating Officer