»  Carrier Grade Telephony Platform
»  Multiple redundant tier-one installations
»  Handles millions of minutes a month
»  Local number availability to > 75% of the population
»  Can do inbound/outbound/IVR

Our Services

Our services are your solutions. We offer the following tailored to meet your specific needs:

State of the art technology
Carrier grade computer telephony integrated (CTI) platform
Local or toll free options
Interactive voice response (VRU) capabilities
Quality assurance programs (initial and recurrent training, monitoring)
Service levels above 90%
128 bit encryption web based data entry system
Multiple redundant tier-one installations
Web based client knowledge and call monitoring tools
Secure method to connect agents to corporate network
Customized reports for key metrics based on your requirements
Customer feedback, marketing analysis, process audits
Call traffic surges handled within two minutes
Dedicated account manager

These solutions are designed to cut cost and complexity, support your business, keep you on top of technology and complement your internal resources. We help you fill in the gaps. This frees you up to spend more time and energy on the task at hand - your business! Our staffing services also represent a significant cost benefits:

Professional, trained workforce at your fingertips
Ability to hire and retain skilled representatives regardless of where they live
Adds services that work with your existing infrastructure
Staff for short periods, peak times or even on short notice
More productive reps (due to high personal job satisfaction, shift flexibility, work at home, etc.)
Increased efficiency (empowered agents, immediate help desk support, coaching, etc.)
Scalable staffing up or down that can grow and change with your business
Deploy representatives rapidly with all hands on deck call for help
No additional overhead to extend hours of operation or add more phone coverage
Customers enjoy shorter wait times and a consistent experience
Administration costs of running larger office eliminated (overtime, turnover, disciplinary action)
Foreign languages

We have the ultimate solution - a flexible, experienced, stable, productive, professional and pleasant workforce - all at your fingertips. Our services will reduce your operating costs through increased efficiency, elimination of administrative expenses and greater customer service! Whether your communications needs are inbound or outbound, data entry, mail order or catalog, sales or technical support, French, English or Spanish, we can provide you with your ultimate workforce. It's our passion! Click here to contact us for an appointment today.

Software created in March 2001
Processed over 80 million dollars in pledge donations

System features:
Flexible scripting
CRM Tools
real-time reporting
XML data transmission
Friendly user interface
Dynamic scripting
Cutting edge technology

"Our customer service agents represent, for a brief moment, our partners. It is imperative that each caller's experience reinforce the feelings that motivated him or her to call."

Merrill Moore
CEO and President