03/21/2017Communication and Engagement are our top priorities. Let us know how ACD can foster high levels of communication, and encourage you to interact and share in the experiences we create for you. Through both, pathways to innovation are generated. ACD Direct News
01/13/2017Sending your Account Manager your goals or projections for each show is the best way to help us, help YOU! Spring ahead by appropriately staffing during the times you need them most - ensuring that we’re able to secure every pledge possible. Success! ACD Direct News

"ACD Direct is amazing! We are extremely pleased with their services. They are the nest inbound call center that I have personally ever worked with."

"We have relied on ACD direct to provide us with call center services of the highest quality and we have never been disappointed."
- WTTW/Chicago

"With the procedures ACD Direct has established for us, we have seen savings, not only of money, but perhaps just as vitally, manpower. Thier entire staff commits 200% to make sure everything runs smoothly and properly. I can highly recommend using ACD Direct to handle your pledges; you will not be disappointed.

- Public Broadcasting Atlanta