We are a group of telephony professionals with experience in contact center services and technologies

ACD believes it's all about connections, not contacts. Everything of value is the product of collaboration. For over 15 years, ACD has listened, engaged, and collaborated with our partners to respond successfully to their needs. At ACD, we are continutally developing innovating solutions that improve and maximize our clients' fundraising efforts and business processes and performance. From our internal teams to partner and sales relationships to our clients' consumers, we will work to maximize the power of each contact connection.


Our leadership team drives ACD to become the company our clients turn to first to meet their needs. Our leadership team's many years of experience in telephony, fundraising and customer service helps shape our perspectives, insight and interactions with clients.

ACD's CEO, Noah Rosales

Noah Rosales


ACD's Vice President, Bill Davis

Bill Davis

Vice President

ACD's Director of Operations, Jennifer McCurdy

Jennifer McCurdy

Director of Operations

ACD's Director of IT, Dolores Lobato

Dolores Lobato

Director of IT

ACD's Director of Contact Services, Lola Salamon

Lola Salamon

Director of Contact Services